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  • Cleaning and Polishing Ruck Gear's 50 Cal Bottle Openers

    Brass is an alloy metal made primarily from Copper and Zinc. Brass has become very popular because of its beauty, strength, and its ability to hold up against extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, Brass and Copper tarnish easily due to a chemical reaction that occurs when oxygen comes in contact with sulfuric elements in the environment. Over time, Brass and Copper will darken and the beauty will diminish.

    Who knew cleaning and polishing brass could be so easy? There are so many ways to do it safely and naturally without the use of harsh chemicals that usually strips away the top layer of the metal. The secret ingredient to all of these household brass cleaners is a weak acid. Below are 3 all natural ways to polish brass with household items.

    Natural Ways To Polish Your 50 Cal Bottle Opener:

    1.) Ketchup! Just smear some ketchup all over your dirty brass, let it sit for a few minutes, and wash it off. Rinse well and buff with a soft clean cloth.

    2.) Worcestershire sauce! Same as with the ketchup: wipe it on, let it sit for a few minutes then wash it off, and voila! Just be sure to rinse it off really well and dry thoroughly.

    3.) White vinegar and salt. Pour vinegar over your brass and then sprinkle it with salt. Wet a soft cloth with it and wipe down the brass. Rinse off and dry thoroughly.

    Ruck Gear has been using these methods for some time now and our 50 Cal Bottle Openers come out looking shiny and new every time.

    Happy Polishing!!!

  • 50 Cal Bottle Openers by Ruck Gear

    Ruck Gear recently launched their new 50 Cal Bottle Openers in several custom colors and engraving, which have been especially designed to provide the ‘WOW’ factor.
    Each one of their 50 Cal Bottle Opener have been crafted from a US Military 50 caliber BMG bullet that was once fired, therefore each one carries a bit of American history with it.

    These Engraved 50 Cal Bottle Openers have been receiving a lot of buzz after a company went on to pitch the business for the sale of Engraved 50 Cal Bottle Openers, on the popular TV show “Shark Tank”. The pitch for the business created a lot of awareness and interest among the audience, about a bottle opener that has been styled using a real US Military 50 caliber BMG bullet. It is custom engraved to create a bottle opener which is unlike any other available on the market, the idea was well received by the sharks and the audience. This was also the period when Ruck Gear began offering their 50 Cal Bottle Openers and same day engraving.

    Ruck Gear offers hot selling variants of the original Bullet Bottle Openers, powder coated for durability. Some of the Limited Editions are the  Delta Bronze, Military Blue, Black Ops, and a couple more on the way. People who like the outdoors, war and firearm paraphernalia or simply enjoy a cold one every now and then would enjoy a customized bottle opener that was once a real bullet. These bullet bottle openers make a great display item and are also great for everyday use.

    Ruck Gear's Engraved Bullet Bottle Opener make the ULTIMATE piece for the "man cave". A customized bottle opener are the perfect groomsmen gift, best man gift, birthday gift, father's day gift, Christmas, anniversaries and many other occasions.

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